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dear e,

we are having our first snow today. it’s beautiful. in my front yard it’s untouched and pure. out the back kitchen and living room windows, all of the trees coated white…i feel like i’m living in a painting. maybe i am. maybe today God is painting this picture to hang somewhere in heaven.

everyone is complaining here about snow in november, but i think it’s very refreshing. of course, you know how much i hate summer. i hate to sweat and i hate bugs. today is perfect.

it has been quiet around here. just me and the girls today. ella (my dog) is in heaven. this is also her weather, as you know. but her constant “in and out” requests are driving me crazy. she goes out and plays for around 15 minutes and then comes in for a 10 minute warm-up. it makes for a very long ella day.

alice (my cat) doesn’t really care about what is going on outside. nothing outside really matters to her much, e. as you know, she is not allowed outside. now, when it becomes a factor to her is when her sister comes in from outside and sloshes water all over her. yes, it’s been this exciting of a day so far.

i was supposed to have a doctor appointment this afternoon, but they called this morning and cancelled. everything always comes to a stop around here for the first snow. after that, everyone has their snowshoes dug out and snow doesn’t stop anything.

i’ve been doing the first snow day tradition-watching romantic movies all day. getting lost in the classics with doris day and rock hudson…all the around to hugh grant and sandra bullock. i know i wasn’t rock hudson’s type, e…but my God he was beautiful.

they just don’t make ’em like that anymore. well…you. you have a classic handsome elegance to you. it’s part of what makes my heart sometimes skip a beat. this sort of handsome is a universal (yes, yes…there’s always at least one 🙄) kind. also ageless. most people are the kind described as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, me.

it has literally snowed all day, e. have you noticed? we are miles apart…but perhaps it is snowing where you are, too? we spoke this morning…but the last real time was around 11-ish.

you like to play this game. you know what you do. i’ve played it, too. it works great. the absence builds the anticipation. however, i’m too old for games, and my anticipation is too high already. i know what potentially awaits. i have been around a block or two.

lucky for us, though, my competitive side outweighs my age and i will take out my queen immediately.

i am not afraid. i’m not afraid because i am confident. i’m confident because i’ve never lost. i have never lost because i am confident. i’m confident because i’m not afraid.

what is it about the chase that men and women seem to desire so much? is it a primal thing? men seem to need it more. women only need it when they find someone or something worth chasing. men constantly need to be chasing something.

on this snow day, since it’s the first snow day of the season, let’s skip to the last day of the chase…and keep each other warm in bed.

i love you.


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