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dear m,

everything you think, say and feel in one area is always wrong. time and time again you look the fool. you never learn. i grow angrier with you with each and every mistake you make. i should kill you now, for this reason alone.

the hatred gets rid of the coward, that’s for sure. god, i’m so fucking pissed off at you right now. right this very second, if we were two different people i’d be kicking the shit out of you. how are you so stupid? how? i don’t understand. i don’t understand.

what the fuck is wrong with you? seriously? i’d say we need to rip out your tongue, but that wouldn’t solve much. it’s like we share two different brains. we don’t, but damn. what the fuck is wrong with you?

i’m so mad at you right now i might just have a heart attack. i’m sure my bp is sky high. if i could, i’d punch you in the face over and over and over. stupid fucking woman. stupid fucking woman. you forget everything! and then what happens? THIS!!!

so let’s go over some things again slooowly. maybe they’ll sink in. first, you know absolutely nothing. nothing. opening your mouth and speaking like you do only confirms to whoever is listening (reading) that you are a giant douche. i mean, shit, p. seriously? nothing. you don’t know a fucking thing about anything. you never will. tonight will be the last night you are under the misconception that you do. from now on, keep your damn mouth shut.

second, no one cares! NO ONE! you strut around your digital paper like you have shit to tell. but that’s just it. it’s just shit. you think you have anything of value to write about? you don’t. nothing. write if you must, but write here only. no one reads this bullshit. you are constantly making yourself look like such a moron. you will never have anything of value to write about because you have no value. why can’t you keep this at the forefront of your mind?

third, let’s recap the answers to the questions you asked. i still feel like you haven’t been kicked down enough. you’re a stubborn bitch. stubborn and stupid. what a horrible combination. so let’s have a go. question one, the answer was NO. question two, the answer was NO. and the killer…the one that, by rights, should have finished you off…question three, the answer? NOOO!!! ah, you’re not crying yet. here. i have something for you to think about that will probably do you in tonight. he probably wasn’t around because they were having sex. i’ll be silent for a minute while i let that sink in. hey, just for shits and giggles, and because i’m so pissed off at you…they’re probably having sex right now.

aaaww. that got you. yeah. ok. before i go, let’s go over the fundamentals one more time. you are nothing. you have no worth. you have no value. you do not matter. to anyone.

next time just keep your fucking mouth shut.

fuck off.


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