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dear e,

i can’t fucking take it. my mind won’t slow. my body is getting more and more tense. i’m becoming more wound as i write. i’m overwhelmed. i need everything to just quiet down for a little while. i need to be silenced.

silence me.

yes. you heard me. right fucking now. wake up and talk to me. use your words. caress me with your words. or get in your vehicle and come over here. don’t caress me then.

i don’t feel like being caressed tonight. all i want tonight is a passionate, hard, primal fucking. that’s all. you don’t have to love me. you don’t even have to pretend. just get your ass over here and take me. for fucks sake!

distract my body and my mind. take away all of my thought and leave your body and pleasure in its place. we don’t even need to talk. no talking. come over here and just fuck me, for crying out loud. i don’t want to feel. i don’t want to think. i just want to have you inside of me, fucking me so hard that it rides the line of pain and ecstasy. leave bruises. bite, if you want. just don’t you dare leave until you make me cum.

now. i need you right fucking now. because inside my mind, inside my heart, inside my body…i’m going fucking crazy. make it all stop. i can’t breathe. and if i am not going to be able to breathe i want it to be because your dick is so hard and you are so far inside of me that you have taken the breath right out of me.

silence me.

except for the screams and moans that you cause to escape from my body…

i love you.


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