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after taking some time away and dealing with the giant, hungry drama llama, i am back. there is now no format here. i will no longer be cushioning my words. let’s just all be honest for a fucking change.

so, should i have a cup of coffee, or go get the gun? coffee will cause my tummy a bit of pain. however, i hear bullet holes aren’t a walk in the park. potATo, potAHto…yes?

for now, i suppose i’ll just go pee. bladder needs to empty at some point. might as well empty it by choice. after that, i’ll grab a cup of coffee. i can always grab the gun at a later time in the day. perhaps when i question it less and just go with my gut! ah, my hurt gut because of the coffee i will be drinking.

while the gun does sound appealing today, i think i will leave it where it is…and get some things done. the work never ends. it just keeps piling on. i’d love for the house to be a bit cleaner, too, before i go.

so today i will choose the coffee.

and will make an honest attempt to ignore all the things that are weighing me down. people, places, things…they’re all in it together. fuck ’em. who needs it, right?

today i will keep busy. busy minds don’t wander as much.

wish me luck!

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