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she lives in a world that is too dark to talk about.

she keeps everything inside because she has no one.

the darkness lives within, feeding off of her emotions.

death is ready and waiting.

“take me” she begs

“no” death says

and the undercurrent of sorrow washes her away.

she gulps the pain down with each crashing wave.

no one is there to save her.

“how much more time?”

…no answer.

death is her lover that leaves her stranded in a life she never wanted.

life is her torturer, giving her breath after breath after breath.

she’s fading, but not fast enough. perhaps because she never burned that bright to begin with.

“take me” she begs

“no” death says

searching in the dark, for the end is inevitable.

the pain crushes her.

she has to come up for air in order to stop breathing.

it’s too far, the air.

she’s too heavy.




there’s no other option but to stop.

there’s no other option but to end it on her own.

there’s no other option.

she’s alone. she’s lonely. she’s scared.




“come find me” she says

“I already have” death answers

she pleads for the end but is met with a new day.

she curses the morning she opens her eyes to.

she vows.

growing impatient, she becomes determined.

but her heart…is but a coward.

her mind is but a scared little girl.

she can’t do it.

“take me” she begs

“no” death says

so be it.

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